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Does Practice make Perfect?

Blowing Your Own Trumpet: Is performing about more than just musicianship?

The Great and the Good: Is it possible to define what separates truly great performances from merely very good ones?

Spoiler Alert: Could operatic surtitles replace the programme plot synopsis to deliver real surprises?

Pause for Thought: For Mozart the pause is a simple device employed to perfection.

Pros and Cons: Is it possible to be both professional and amateur at the same time?

Joining Hands: Applause is an essential part of the concert experience

Heartfelt Memories: Conducting without the score can be liberating if approached in the right way.

A Composer’s Conduct: Should a conductor follow a composer’s manuscript or his recordings when interpreting a work?

Sing or Swim: a game for ruthless music-lovers

Disengagement rings: Phones, coughs… but is it our right to request silence?

A Matter of Opinion: At what point does following the composer’s instructions become ‘interpretation’?

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